Next Shelbyville haunted walking tour happens October 12

Next  Shelbyville haunted walking tour happens October 12

EVENTS| Shelbyville — Historic Shelbyville exists as a town rich in history. The pre-Civil War community boasts one of the first public squares built in southern, middle Tennessee. The original square and courthouse were laid out around 1810.

Since then, the courthouse has been destroyed and replaced four times. Five different Bedford County courthouse buildings have stood in the middle of the historic district. Founders built the first courthouse in 1810. A new structure replaced it in 1813, but was destroyed by a tornado in 1830. Builders completed a third courthouse in 1833, which stood until 1863 when it was “accidentally” burned down by Confederate forces occupying Shelbyville. Locals replaced it in 1873 but in 1934 a lynch mob burned it down the after learning that a young black man they wanted to hang had been transported to another county for his protection, according to the Bedford County Historical Society. Nashville architectural firm Marr and Holman designed the Classical Revival building the now sits in the center of the town square in 1935.

With that much rich and storied history, is there any surprise that ghost stories and unusual activities abound in the area? On October 12 from 8:13 to 9:13 p.m. Historic Uptown Shelbyville will host Tour #13 Haunted History, a walking tour of the area that will begin at 111 South Main Street and end at a local cemtery.

Tickets are $13 per person or $35 per family (parents and children). The event will also take place on October 26. Visit the event’s Facebook page for more details. •

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