It’s official. Jack & Coke is America’s favorite New Year’s Eve drink

Seems an iconic Tennessee drink made with a little local product is America’s favorite, especially around New Year’s Eve. (FILE PHOTOS)

WHISKEY INDUSTRY NEWS — Each state has a signature drink to which they remain loyal: from the spicy Moscow mule favored by those in Connecticut, to the classic Kentucky Derby mint julep cocktail, and the ever-popular hurricane cocktail that is synonymous with New Orleans. In the State of Tennessee is it any surprise that the number one spot is held by a drink make with a little local product. Tennessee’s iconic Jack & Coke ranked number one among folks here in the Volunteer State.

A group recently conducted a survey of 3,373 drinkers and compiled a ranking of the signature state cocktails they will be toasting with this upcoming New Year’s Eve. At the top of the charts, Tennessee’s iconic Jack & Coke also reigned victorious as the number one drink Americans will have as they clink to the start of 2022. The classic Jack & Coke drink starts off with a glass of ice, a shot or two of Tennessee whiskey and topped off with coke.

In second place, New Hampshire’s hard cider ranked just below the Tennessee specialty. Nothing screams ‘New England’ louder than apple cider, and it just so happens that it’s the Granite State’s official beverage as adopted back in 2010 – which is no surprise considering the vast acreage of apple orchards in New Hampshire! The drink includes three basic ingredients: apple juice, sugar and yeast, making it a relatively easy drink to ferment at home. However, doing so can be risky as those who attempt to make it at home have far less control of over the alcohol content.

Iowa’s frozen blue water margarita ranked in third position. Also known as a frozen blue lagoon margarita, this turquoise-tinted drink is inspired by one of the world’s natural blue lakes: West Okoboji Lake located in northwestern Iowa. It contains a combination of chilled lemon-lime soda, limeade concentrate, tequila and a splash of blue liqueur, blended and served garnished with a lime slice. 

Towards the other end of the rankings, in penultimate position, was Alaska’s smoked salmon vodka bloody Mary. Alaska’s prized salmon, which is the state’s most harvested fish, also lends its rich flavor to the Last Frontier’s locally distilled vodka. The smoked salmon vodka bloody Mary is popular among locals here despite it being unlikely that the rest of the country will be toasting much of it this holiday season! Vodka should only be consumed in moderation as, depending on type and region, it might be as much as 40 to 50 percent pure alcohol.

And in 50th and final position was Arkansas’ Cynthiana wine. •

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