Deadline approaching for Lynchburg Bicentennial Cookbook submissions

LOCAL NEWS — Settlers formed the city of Lynchburg around 1821 and Moore County around 1871. That means that 2021 will mark the bicentennial or 200th anniversary of Lynchburg and the sesquicentennial or 150th anniversary of Moore County. As part of the this year celebration, the Lynchburg 200 / Moore County 150 Committee will publish a commemorative cookbook filled with heirloom recipes from Moore County families and they need your help.

To have your family recipe included in this limited edition cookbook, you can fill out the form at the end of this article and mail it to Lynchburg Cookbook c/o Cyndy Carroll P.O. Box 218, Lynchburg 37352 or click this link to fill out the form online. Send an email to [email protected] to receive the username and password to upload your information via the Typesave portal at the top right.

“We would like to have any historical info regarding the recipe, if there is any and maybe a photo regarding the recipe or it’s origin,” said Cookbook Committee Lead Cyndy Carroll. “We will select a few of the photos submitted to be published in the cookbook.”

Because there is an additional fee for printing historical photographs, there may be a small fee for including a photo.

The deadline to submit a recipe will be Saturday, September 25 and space will be limited. For more information, contact Carroll at [email protected]. We’ll update here when we know when the cookbooks will be available for sale.•