Lynchburg in the News: Jack Daniel wins award at National Dog Show

Lynchburg in the News: Jack Daniel wins award at National Dog Show
Jack Daniel, the Golden Retriever, earned the title of Best in the Sporting Group and social media darling at the National Dog Show this year. {Photo Courtesy of Hillock Goldens}

Jack Daniel … if you please. These were the judge’s thoughts recently at the National Dog Show held in in Philadelphia. Thor the bulky, squishy bulldog may have won the coveted Best in Show but Jack Daniel the Golden Retriever earned the title of best in the sporting group and social media darling.

His clever name quickly caught the social media world’s attention on Thanksgiving day when the National Dog Show broadcast on TV.

Daniel, as he’s known to owner Tammy Tomlinson of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, is considered one of the best Golden Retrievers in the country having won multiple American Kennel Club event victories. Tomlinson owns Hillock Goldens, a kennel that breeds Golden Retrievers. His handler is Karen Mammano.

To follow the Lynchburg-inspired pooch, check out Hillock’s website. Personally, we think he deserves his own Insta account. •

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