Lynchburg in the News: VinePair names Uncle Nearest one of its “underrated” whiskeys

Lynchburg in the News: VinePair names Uncle Nearest one of its “underrated” whiskeys

VinePair is one of the largest digital media companies covering the liquor, wine, and spirits industries. They’re famous for their “Best of” list and recently they named Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey to their Most Underrated Whiskey list. List author Tim McKirdy asked 10 bartenders around the U.S. what they considered the most underrated whiskey … and the one they’d most recommended picking up during your next liquor store run.

Jamien Tomlinson, Beverage Director for High Horse in Raleigh, North Carolina named Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey to the list.

“For this whiskey, we will have to travel all the way to Lynchburg, Tenn., to the Uncle Nearest Distillery for their 1856. This whiskey has an amazing back story. Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green was a slave that distilled whiskey at a man named Dan Call’s residence. Another young man came to live at the farm and learned how to make whiskey from Nearest. That man’s name was Jack Daniel,” he told VinePair. “This whiskey pays homage to Nearest and his unheard legacy uncovered by CEO Fawn Weaver; it helps that it’s great whiskey to boot.”

High Horse exists as the newest restaurant iteration of celebrated chef Katsuji Tanabe’s. It’s his take on the rustic New American concept that features two wood-fired grills.

Other whiskeys mentioned on the list included Old Forester Rye, Japanese whiskey Ohishi Sherry Cask, and celebrity whiskey brand Blackened by Metallica. To view the entire list, click here. •

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