PAY IT FORWARD: Motlow Bucks head to Belize to promote female soccer

Motlow Women's Soccer Team
Motlow State’s Women’s Soccer Team will soon head out on a study abroad trip to promote female soccer and give back to the children of Belize. (Motlow College Photo)

LOCAL SPORTS | Motlow State’s women’s soccer team prioritizes success both on and off the field. In addition to the many athletic successes the department has seen over the years, the athletes also complete projects, host events, and make a yearly expedition to Belize so that they can make a positive impact inside and outside of their communities.

The women’s soccer team has completed seven seasons with a record of 82-31-7. They are also four-time conference champions. Under the direction of Coach Andy Lyon, the 2023-2024 team possesses a 13-3-3 overall record with 12 different scorers, 47 goals, and 11 shutouts.

Every year, the team selects a charity to support. This year, the students decided to advocate for mental health awareness and designed warm-up shirts to raise the necessary funds. The money will be donated to Katie’s Save, a non-profit created in memory of a former Stanford University soccer player with the goal of supporting and protecting college students.

According to Coach Lyon, “As coaches, we want our players to know we are always there for them. We are proud that they want to advocate for such an important topic.”

In January, Motlow hosted a Futsal Tournament that consisted of 50 teams formed by soccer players from youth soccer clubs. Teams with players ranging in age from eight to 18 from throughout the state traveled to Motlow’s Moore County Campus to participate. The money raised through this event goes toward the department’s fundraising account, which they then use to support future endeavors, projects, and trips.

The team’s current mission is to raise money to fund their spring study abroad trip to Belize. This will be the fourth time that the team has traveled to the country for the purpose of promoting female soccer and giving back to the children of Belize. They visit local schools, donating soccer and school equipment. Motlow’s athletes will also play Belize’s national team and help them prepare for upcoming matches.

While there, Motlow’s players will also have the opportunity to explore fun and educational locations such as the Mayan ruins, the barrier reef, and the local zoo.

If you’d like to make a donation to help these students pay for the trip, click this link and enter the amount you wish to give, and select the “Women’s Soccer” category. In the comments box, write “Belize Donations.” If you would prefer to donate school supplies, please drop them off to Motlow’s athletic department. To learn more about Motlow’s soccer program, visit •

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