Motlow State Spring Dual Enrollment Grant Deadline is February 1

Grant applications are due February 1 for the Dual Enrollment program at Motlow State Community College for existing Dual Enrollment students. (Graphic Provided)

LOCAL NEWS — Motlow State is the number one community college for dual enrollment in Tennessee and the deadline for MCHS students to apply for grants for the upcoming semester is rapidly approaching.

Grant applications are due February 1 for the Dual Enrollment program at Motlow State Community College for existing Dual Enrollment students. Motlow is the state’s leader in dual enrollment programming. The grant allows most high school students in Motlow’s service areas to take several college classes tuition free.

Research has shown that early college experiences lead to greater college success. “That’s the primary reason Motlow leans in so heavily to dual enrollment. Student success is our mission,” said Sally Pack, director of high school programs at Motlow State. “We follow the data, employ the research, and do all we can to remove barriers and ensure student success.”

Get an early start to college credits with Motlow’s dual enrollment program. Most students qualify for four free classes. Some high school agreements offer fewer free classes, but more low-cost classes.

“There are a lot of reasons that Motlow is number one for dual enrollment in the state, but the chief reasons are that we offer a great product, it’s usually free, and the program is led by professionals who care deeply about getting high school students off to a great college start,” said Motlow’s Interim Executive Vice President for Student Success and Academic Affairs, Charle Coffey. “Motlow makes it easy to apply and easy to afford. We provide credentialed faculty, and connect families with staff who really make a difference.”

In some cases, the Dual Enrollment Grant can offer more than free tuition. For example, “The mechatronics dual enrollment grant even pays for books, materials, and travel to campus,” said Pack. “Last year, across all of our programs, we had nearly 100 students who graduated high school and college at the same time! Just think about how much money those families have saved. And think about how much more those students will earn over their lifetime because they started earning professional wages sooner than their peers. It’s a power recipe for success.”

“The research on the value of dual enrollment experiences is so strong that we’ve put together a list of references for parents and educators to share with students they want to encourage,” said Coffey. “We want to equip parents, family members, educators, and community advocates to encourage students to apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant.”

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