Motlow reminds students about campus emergency alert system

Motlow Alerts give students, faculty, and staff critical, time-sensitive safety information via phone, email, and text. (Image Provided)

LOCAL NEWS — Motlow official remind student to be prepared this winter season and sign up to receive important alerts regarding Motlow State Community College. Motlow provides a comprehensive emergency notification system that delivers time-sensitive messages to campus community members via phone, email, and text.

The alert system provides access to critical safety information and ensures those who have signed up get alerted about emergencies and other important news. It is free to sign-up and Motlow highly recommends registering for alerts to receive information quickly. This system has been used in the past for conducting campus drills, alerting everyone of impending severe weather, and more.

The college encourages students, faculty, and staff to sign up for alerts at and select “Receive Emergency Notifications.” Then, select “Sign Up” on the right side of the top green bar and follow the steps from there.

It is essential to have multiple ways to receive alerts to ensure access to crucial information in a timely fashion. Motlow has proactively utilized this alert system to provide timely resources to the campus community. Please be aware that, because of system capacities, not everyone will receive an alert message by each method simultaneously.

Beginning next Fall, all new students and staff will automatically be signed up for alerts with an option to opt out. • 

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