Motlow splits double header against Lake Area Academy

Motlow’s Caleb Moran bats against Lake Area Academy. | PHOTO PROVIDED

LYNCHBURG — The Motlow Bucks baseball team picked up one win and one defeat against Lake Area Academy on Monday afternoon. They lost to Lake Area Academy by one run on in game one and beat the Rattlers 11-4 in game two.

Motlow will traveled to Cleveland State Community College this weekend and won one of three game series. They will host Lake Area Academy on Tuesday in Moore County. To see the Buck’s entire 2024 schedule, click here.

Motlow loses Game 1 by one run

Motlow State started the first game strong by adding two runs in the first inning, setting the tone early on.  The Bucks did not hold onto the lead for long, as Lake Area Academy quickly added nine runs in the top of the second inning.

Both teams battled throughout the game, with Lake Area Academy scoring one run in the third, two in the fifth, and two in the sixth. Motlow State responded with a high seven runs in the third and four runs in the fourth. Despite the strong offensive efforts by the Bucks, Lake Area Academy was in the lead 13-14 at the end of the sixth.

Both teams’ defenses tightened up in the seventh inning, and both teams could not add any runs. The game’s final score was 14-13, with Lake Area Academy taking the win.

Despite the loss, there were some great performances from several Motlow players. Second baseman Irvin Hernandez went 1-to-3 with two runs in. Center fielder John Hale had two runs and 2 RBIs. CJ Robertson brought in two home runs and batted in four runs. Ragan Tomlin and Tucker Allen each had a home run and two RBIs.

On the mound, pitcher Caden Alvey had six strikeouts and allowed no home runs.

The Bucks win game two by seven runs

Motlow State took the lead in the first inning, 2-1.  After a scoreless second inning, the Bucks sprung ahead by adding four runs in the bottom of the third, but Lake Area Academy responded by adding three more runs in the top of the fourth. Despite the defensive efforts of Lakewood Academy, Motlow was able to add four runs in the sixth and one run in the seventh to give the Bucks the win, 11-4.

Right fielder Grant Goodwin contributed significantly to the win; he was 3-for-4 from the plate, scored two runs, and batted in two. Left Fielder Tanner Jones also had a stellar performance, adding two runs and three RBIs for the Bucks. Jay Pichardo and Kaleb Gupton each scored two runs, while Luke Johnson, Gupton, Jack Fortner, and Alex Killian all contributed one run each.

Pitching was also a contributor to Motlow’s win. Sammy Vander Hill pitched 3.1 innings and had six strikeouts. Mason Bell and Tucker Allen also contributed on the mound in the last innings and helped secure the win for the Bucks.