Motlow State students elect new student government officers

Front row left to right: Lauren Lee, Freshman Senator (Moore County); Sabrina Rascoe, Freshman President (Fayetteville); Gregory Arvin, President (Moore County); Matthew Tito, Vice-President (Fayetteville). Back row left to right: Clifford Konstans, Freshman Senator (Fayetteville); Faith Kinser, Freshman Senator (Moore County); Lydia Houck, Freshman Senator (Fayetteville); Christian Norman, Vice-President (Moore County). (Photo Courtesy of Motlow State)

LOCAL NEWS — The Motlow State Community College student body recently elected 2021-22 officers for the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA of Motlow is an elected group of students representing the interests of Motlow’s student body. SGA works with Motlow leadership in decision making, activity planning, and executing the College mission.

“The purpose of SGA of Motlow is to promote and maintain an active communication between the administration, faculty, and students,” said Debra Smith, dean of students at Motlow. “SGA supplements academic goals through the development of co-curricular programs. It also provides leadership training and the promotion of democratic action and ideals.”

SGA represents the student body. The SGA President serves as an active member of Motlow’s Institutional Oversite Council. The President role addresses student rights, interests, and opinions to the faculty, staff, and administration. SGA also promotes the development of students’ leadership skills, and promotes programs and activities that foster student inclusion, diversity, engagement, and academic success.

Each Motlow campus has its own elected SGA officials, a vice president, sophomore and freshman senators, and other appointed officials. For more information, contact [email protected]

President: Gregory Arvin – student at Motlow’s Moore County Campus

Vice President: Matthew Tito – student at Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus

Freshman President: Sabrina Rascoe – student at Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus

Sophomore Senators: Hannah Bailey – student representative of Motlow’s Moore County Campus. Christian Norman – student representative of Motlow’s Moore County Campus, Gregory Roberts – student representative of Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus

Freshman Senators: Faith Kinser – student representative of Motlow’s Moore County Campus, Lydia Houck – student representative of Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus, Nathan Montgomery – student representative of Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus, Clifford Konstans – student representative of Motlow’s Fayetteville Campus, Samantha Agee-Roark – student representative of Motlow’s Smyrna Campus, and Karissa Smartt – student representative of Motlow’s McMinnville Campus

Members of Motlow’s faculty and staff help advise the student-run organization. Completion Coach Angelica Dotson serves as the student engagement planner. History Instructor Dr. Monica Butler and Associate Professor of Biology Kristi Bridge are the SGA faculty advisors at the College’s Fayetteville campus. Natural Science Curriculum Chair and Assistant Professor of Biology Stacy Dowd and Sociology Instructor Liala Syler are faculty advisors at Motlow’s Smyrna campus. Assistant Director of Student Success Kyle Macon is an SGA advisor at the Moore County campus. Completion Coach Nickie Fanning is an SGA advisor at the McMinnville campus. •

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