Motlow plans Awards Day on April 17

Motlow State will host the annual Student Recognition Awards Day on April 17 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. in the Nisbett Gym of the Moore County campus. Students from all campuses will receive awards based on academic excellence in their departments of study, service on academic teams, or performance in collegiate athletics. The event is free to all attendees and open to the public.

Students can achieve President’s Awards for achieving a stellar 4.0 GPA or Honors Awards for participating in the Honors Program. Departmental Awards will be given in the pathways of Business & Technology, Career Readiness, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Students who have participated in Honor Societies Phi Theta Kappa and Psi Beta or the Student Government Association will be recognized for their service in these groups. Others to be recognized are graduating veterans, the Veteran of the Year, and Student-Athletes who have shown excellence in both athletics and academics. •

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