33 Motlow faculty members receive promotions or tenure

(From top left to bottom right) Charle Coffey, Jenna Caviezel, Megan McManus, and Omar Tantawi were four of the 33 Motlow State faculty members receiving promotions or tenure in 2021. (PHOTO CREDIT: Motlow State)

LOCAL EDUCATION NEWS — Over the past year, 33 faculty members at Motlow State Community College have been promoted and/or granted tenure.

Promotion to professor is the appointment of a faculty member to the highest academic rank in recognition of continued distinguished performance in teaching, service to the College and the faculty member’s profession, and research and creative activities.

A faculty member achieves tenure through demonstrated peer-reviewed distinction in three evaluative areas: teaching, service to the College and the faculty member’s profession, and research/scholarship/creative activities. Granting tenure represents a long-term commitment by the College to the individual and represents a positive evaluation of a faculty member’s total contribution to the College and potential for the future.

Awarded Tenure: Jenna Caviezel, Charle Coffey, Dr. Meagan McManus, Eric Claunch, Omar Tantawi, Dr. Kim-Sue Tudor, Promoted to Professor, Dr. David Bowlby

Promoted to Associate Professor: Charle Coffey, Misty Griffith, Mary Matthews, Dr. Meagan McManus, Debra Simpson, Eric Claunch, Omar Tantawi

Promoted to Assistant Professor: Sheryl (Kate) Benson, Robert Davenport, Olivia Lee, Beth Martin, Dr. William Murphy, Henry Stanfield, Debra Stockdale, David Vaughan, Dr. Monica Butler, Richard (Tom) Cruz, Nathan Fisher, Robert Fitzgerald, Rebecca Geary-Childress, Anastasia (Stacy) Harlan, Tracey Lee, James (Walter) McCord, Melissa Paz, Rachel Perri, David Powell, Eric Reynolds, Janet Thornton, Dr. Kim-Sue Tudor, Dr. Charles Wexler, Johnathan Young •

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