Motlow recognizes 14 new paramedic graduates

Fourteen new area paramedics graduated from Motlow State recently including (from left to right) Ashley Welcome, Taylor Mitchell, Katrina Cherry, Jacob Wrisner, Jamie Lamb, Cameron Hawkins, Hayley Corn, Levi Coles, and James Richard. (Photo Provided)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Motlow State Community College recognized 14 new paramedics during a graduation ceremony held August 8 in Powers Auditorium on the College’s Moore County campus.

“This graduating class has put in a lot of time and effort and proven themselves to take their place among their colleagues in the field,” said Houston Austin, EMS Director at Motlow. “I am very proud of all of their accomplishments. Motlow strives for excellence, and they have definitely achieved that.”

Time management is essential for successfully completing the Paramedic program. From the time they started the program to the time it was finished, they completed 1200 hours of class time and more than 600+ hours of clinical time to achieve their goals. The graduates can appreciate what they have accomplished as they prepare for their careers as valuable, highly-competent paramedics.

“This has been the hardest and most rewarding year I’ve experienced,” said Hayley Corn, from Winchester. She plans to work for the Rutherford County EMS.

Most of the graduates completed Paramedic Certificates at Motlow, however, Taylor Mitchell and Jacob Wrisner also achieved their Paramedic Associate of Applied Science degrees. A paramedic is the highest level of EMT. In the field, paramedics can provide a higher level of emergency care, such as inserting an IV, administering drugs, and helping with pacemakers. 

Several Motlow graduates were also recognized with additional awards of achievement, including:

Excellence in Academic Performance: Katrina Cherry

Excellence in Clinical Performance: Jamie Lamb

Excellence in Skills Performance: Jessica Quirk, Jacob Wrisner, and Ashley Welcome

2022 Graduating Class: Ramina Askander, Katrina Cherry, Levi Coles, Hayley Corn, Gabriel Garcia (US Air Force veteran), Cameron Hawkins, Dustin Horton, Jamie Lamb, Taylor Mitchell (US Navy veteran), Jessica Quirk (US Army veteran), James Richard (US Marine Corps veteran), Alex Smith (US Army veteran), Ashley Welcome, and Jacob Wrisner.

For more information about Motlow’s EMS programs, contact [email protected]. •

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