Motlow, TTU sign engineering student transfer agreement

Motlow TTU transfer agreement
President Torrence and President Oldham sign the transfer agreement to give Motlow’s engineering students a smooth transition from one institution to another. (Photo Courtesy of Motlow College)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Motlow State Community College recently visited Tennessee Tech University to sign an articulation agreement to benefit Motlow’s Engineering students. 

Tennessee Technological University President Philip Oldham along with TTU faculty and staff met with Motlow’s President Dr. Michael Torrence and Executive Administrator Alissa Roebuck to sign the agreement. The document ensures that students who are pursuing Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics have a seamless transition to a four-year degree program at TTU. 

Why It Matters to Students 

This signing reflects continuing cooperation between the two institutions and benefits students in these programs by clarifying and supporting pathways needed to achieve each individual student’s definition of college success and career readiness. The objective of articulation and transfer agreements is to save students time and money. They also aim to prevent students from duplicating coursework and prevent the loss of any credits. Ultimately, these agreements ease college planning and open up new opportunities for learners.  

“Motlow is excited to continue our relationship with Tennessee Tech with this articulation agreement. We always want to provide clear pathways for our students to further their educational goals toward the accomplishment of higher-level degrees with our university partners. Articulation agreements help the students’ educational pathways to remain straight and clear so that they achieve their goals in a cost-efficient and timely manner,” said Motlow’s Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Regina Verdin.

Motlow pursues collaborative initiatives in an effort to raise ambitions, simplify college planning, and create reliable processes. To explore all of the pathways and support services at Motlow, click here. Contact [email protected] to request application information and get started. •

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