Motlow will require face masks this fall

Motlow State announced on Friday that they will require face masks inside all buildings on all campuses this fall. (Photo Courtesy of Motlow State)

LOCAL EDUCATION NEWS — On Friday, Motlow State Community College’s announced they will require face masks at all campuses this fall.

With the Motlow State fall semester scheduled to begin Aug. 23, students and faculty will return to campuses with the hope of experiencing a traditional on-ground academic year. After 18 months of predominantly on-line and hybrid classes, students and faculty will return to campus under a facemask mandate, according to college officials, the college said in a press release.

“As of Aug. 4, Motlow State requires all persons who enter a Motlow building to wear a facemask or face covering,” according to Pat Hendrix, co-director of the Motlow Pandemic Emergency Management Team (PEMT) and community health care professional. “This decision comes in response to the COVID-19 Delta variant causing a significant increase of COVID-19 cases across the Motlow State 11-county service area, the state of Tennessee, and our nation. This effort is in compliance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance.”

As of July 30, all 11-counties in Motlow’s service area had substantial or high levels of transmission cases reported. Students, faculty, and staff are advised to wash their hands, dry them well, adhere to safe practices while inside facilities, and use their own judgment when moving around our community. These measures continue to help mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 transmission.

“Our priority continues to be the health, safety and well-being of all of our students, faculty, staff, and at-large community,” said Dr. Michael Torrence, Motlow President. “The Pandemic Team has worked relentlessly since March 2020 to stay abreast of the most recent information from healthcare leaders and affiliate organizations for the purpose of making data informed recommendations that benefit every person associated with Motlow State. With the uptick of the Delta variant and our commitment to bring students and faculty back to safe campus locations, the decision to return to a mask mandate provides our community continued access. We recognize the fluidity of this situation and will utilize all we have learned to provide a healthy learning and training environment for all.”

Motlow State COVID-19 policies can be found by clicking here. Their complete policy of face masks can be found at this link. •

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