Nearest Green Distillery plans first-ever ‘Honor Day’ this Memorial Day weekend

Live music at Humble Baron, the World’s Longest Bar, (pictured above) will be part of the Honor Day celebration planned this weekend at The Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville. (PHOTO CREDIT: Heather Durham)

BEDFORD COUNTY, Tenn. — Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville will commemorate the nation’s fallen troops, veterans, and current active military personnel this weekend with their first-ever Honor Day. Taking place on Saturday, May 27, the programming will include live music performances at Humble Baron, and at Barrel House BBQ II. Additionally, Humble Baron will serve a selection of featured items, like a Bratwurst from veteran-owned Sausages of Freedom, as well as specialty cocktails, including the Sidecar, a classic libation dating back to World War I, elevated with Uncle Nearest 1884.

In April, Fawn Weaver embarked on her 2023 CEO tour – Thank You for Your Service. Thank You for Your Support – a journey across America to visit military bases nationwide to express her gratitude to one of Uncle Nearest’s most supportive communities. The four-month tour visiting more than 35 military installations allowed Weaver immerse herself in the daily lives of our nation’s brave service members, from doing a tandem jump with the U.S. Army Golden Nights at MacDill, observing rigorous training of our Navy Seals, rappelling the Tower at Fort Campbell and more. Weaver and Nearest Green Distillery’s dedication to support the U.S. military continues throughout Military Appreciation Month, with the distillery handing out Nearest Green Distillery Challenge Coins all month long, and with Weaver distributing her personal CEO Tour Challenge Coins throughout ‘Honor Day.’ 

On Saturday, the schedule of events includes:

  • ‘Honor Day’ Programming – Welcome Center
    • 10:30-10:45 – Color guard presentation and a moment of silence with Keith Weaver and Master Blender Victoria Eady Butler
    • 17:00 – Bottle Signing with Fawn Weaver and Master Blender Victoria Eady Butler
    • 18:56 – Toast to our military (Humble Baron Stage)
    • Music Schedule at Barrel House BBQ II + Humble Baron
      • 11:30 – Cecil Shields (Barrel House BBQ II)
      • 11:30 – Raquel Jackson and the Nashville All Stars (Humble Baron Stage)
      • 13:30
        • Kyle Cutrone (Humble Baron Stage)
        • Aaron Bucks (Barrel House BBQ II)
      • 15:00
        • Sonja Hopkins (Humble Baron Stage)
        • Kyle Cutrone (Barrel House BBQ II)
      • 16:00 – Bryan Harrison (Barrel House BBQ II)
      • 17:00 – Aaron Bucks (Humble Baron Stage)
      • 19:00 – Sam McCary and The Mix (Humble Baron Stage)
      • 21:00 – DJ set with DJ Da Vinci (Humble Baron Stage)

For more information, visit the Nearest Green Distillery website. •

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