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Census workers start knocking on Moore County doors today

  • Heads up. If you haven’t already voluntarily replied, a U.S. Census worker may be headed to your front door as early as today. {File Photo}

    Because of the U.S. Census, we know things about the population of Moore County. There are approximately 6,322 folks living in Lynchburg and their average age is 45. Moore County encompasses 129.2 square miles with 48.9 people per square mile. Moore County is 51% female.

    Mandated by the U.S. Constitution – Article 1, Section 2 to be exact – the federal government must take an accurate count of all living persons inside the United Stated every 10 years. Census numbers help determine how billions in federal dollars are spent. They also determine how many seats in Congress the State of Tennessee gets.

    We told you back in June that U.S. Census workers would be heading to Moore County doors soon. This morning, a little birdie told us they are now on their way. Moore County citizens who have yet to respond to the 2020 Census should expect a knock at their door … maybe as early as today. If you aren’t home or don’t answer, by law, they can come back up to six times.

    It’s a short questionnaire with less that 10 questions per person. It includes your first and last name, sex, age, and race. That’s it. Click here to view a sample of the questions. Census takers will never ask about your religion, political affiliations, or income. They will also never ask for your Social Security number of financial information.

    All U.S. Census worker wear official identification complete with an ID badge number. If you suspect the person, get their badge number and call the U.S. Census Regional Office to verify them. Tennessee is located in the Philadelphia Regional office along with Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia. You can reach them at 800.262.4236 or via email at

    And remember, by law, your answers on the U.S. Census can never be used against you by any government agency or court. Getting an accurate count of every person living in Moore County is important. For more information, visit the U.S. Census website. •

    {The Lynchburg Times is the only independently owned and operated newspaper in Moore County … covering Metro Moore County government, Jack Daniel’s Distillery, Nearest Green Distillery, Tims Ford State Park, Motlow State Community College, Moore County High School, Moore County Middle School, Lynchburg Elementary, Raider Sports, plus regional and state news.}

Other News

Tennesseans now get discount at state parks

Need a break? Spend the night in one of Tennessee’s 56 state parks, including nearby Tims Ford, and get a discount as a Tennessee resident.

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Motlow adds video and chat to financial aid office info options

Motlow’s new chatbot offers students 24/7 financial aid answers for the fall semester and beyond. They also added a new video portal.

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4 Things to Do This Weekend

A firefly hike at the botanical gardens, classic 80s flicks at the drive in, a new moon hike to Stone Door, and a blown glass exhibit at Cheekwood … yeah, there’s plenty of (socially distanced) things to do this weekend.

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Watch a Blake Shelton concert at the drive in

Missing live music during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Montana Drive In will offer a unique concert experience on July 25.

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Local Walmarts now require masks

If you shop at local Walmarts, beginning on Monday, you’ll need to wear a mask to enter the store.

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Once-in-a-lifetime comet visible in Moore County

Comet NEOWISE is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a comet with the naked eye. It should be visible in Moore County through July 19.

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Local Vet: Keep an eye on pets during the heat

With the heat index inching toward 100, Lynchburg’s vet reminds pet owners to keep animals cool.

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School Board will discuss COVID re-opening plan on Thursday

The COVID school re-opening plan will be front and center at Thursday’s School Board meeting.

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Moore courts now require face coverings

Beginning on Monday, July 13 citizens must now wear masks or face coverings over both their mouth and nose to do business at Moore County courts.

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Moore County added five new COVID cases this week

The positivity rate for Tennessee is now 8.9 % – above the five percent recommendation of medical experts.

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