Romeo & Juliet returns to the Nashville Ballet on April 20-21

Romeo & Juliet returns to the Nashville Ballet on April 20-21
Romeo & Juliet will return to The Nashville Ballet on April 20-21. Performances take place at TPAC. (Photo Credit: Karyn Photography)

NASHVILLE — The Nashville Ballet has announced the highly-anticipated production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will return to Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) Jackson Hall on April 20 – 21 under the artistic direction of Nick Mullikin.

Mullikin brings a fresh energy to the classic tale that remains rooted in the beloved choreography of Artistic Director Emeritus Paul Vasterling. This production exquisitely portrays the bitter feud between the Montague and Capulet families that disrupts the city of Verona and ends in tragedy.  Mullikin’s guidance emphasizes the continuity and growth of the company’s artistic journey.

“This season, we’ve embarked on a path that respects our history and embraces the future,” says Nick Mullikin, Artistic Director & CEO.  Romeo and Juliet is a pinnacle of our artistic expression, a building upon the foundation laid before us, and a celebration of the direction we are heading. As we present this enduring love story, we also celebrate the evolution of Nashville Ballet, inviting audiences to experience the depth of our tradition and the vibrancy of our future.”

The production of Romeo and Juliet underlines Nashville Ballet’s commitment to excellence and innovation.  In addition, the powerful performance is enhanced by the emotional depth of Sergei Prokofiev’s score, performed live by The Nashville Symphony, and the visual splendor of lavish costumes and sets. This blend of elements weaves together a theatrical experience that honors the legacy of Shakespeare’s work while showcasing the dynamic artistic vision propelling the company forward.

Created in 2004, and last presented by Nashville Ballet in 2019, this production of Romeo and Juliet draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Though the story takes place in Shakespeare’s time, and many elements of the costumes, sets, and choreography remain authentic to that period, this production features modern influences from works like West Side Story and Franco Zeffirelli’s iconic 1968 film adaptation for a production that pays perfect homage to the Bard’s beautifully tragic love story.

Integral to the authenticity of the work, Nashville Ballet enlisted London-based fight director Tim Klotz to help develop the choreography in the ballet’s dramatically authentic fight scenes.  Klotz’s extensive experience in stage combat instruction offers Company dancers guidance on making the ballet’s sword fighting appear lifelike and action-packed.  What’s more, Klotz’s industry knowledge helped to create fight choreography that draws directly from the cape fighting styles traditional to the Shakespearean era, a quality unique to Nashville Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet adaptation.

This April, Nashville audiences can escape to Verona in this whirlwind of forbidden passion and spoon-worthy romance during this limited production. Tickets are on sale now and start at $48 at, TPAC box office or by phone at 615-297-2966 x 710. 

Patrons can enhance their ballet-going experience by taking part in Nashville Ballet’s free pre-performance Talk Back events and the Inside the Ballet Podcast where participants gain insider access to industry experts and the artists responsible for bringing Romeo and Juliet to the stage in April. Podcasts can be found here:

A complete schedule of performances and more information about Nashville Ballet can be found at the Nashville Ballet website. •

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