TN State Parks raising funds to repair recently damaged trails

Volunteers at Radnor Lake
Staff and volunteers at Radnor Lake State Park in nearby Davidson County work to restore damaged trails. (Photo Provided)

STATE OUTDOOR NEWS — Last month, many days of heavy rain brought widespread flooding and that flooding brought wide spread damage to some of the areas favorite state parks like Radnor Lake, Harpeth River, Long Hunter, and Rock Island State Park. The heavy down pours left some trails looking more like fishing holes than hiking paths and some are still struggling to recover.

Receding waters continue to reveal the extent of the damage. It will take time, effort, and financial support to restore these paths. State Park official say they must remove debris, rebuild washed-out bridges, and repair eroded trails. For those that depend on the affected trails for fresh air, exercise, and mental well-being, these repairs can’t come fast enough.

New Tennessee State Parks Trail Pack will raise money for repairs

One week after the storms, the Tennessee State Parks systems launched the Trail Pack to help raise much needed funds for these repairs. This new program allows trail users to directly fund the maintenance and development of their favorite trails. Each $25 Trail Pack supporter bundle makes a direct impact on trails across the state including those at nearby Tims Ford State Park. For instance, one donation could buy four new feet of trail or buy an entire tank of fuel for the machines that help clear and create trails.

Each supporter bundle comes with annual Trail Pack stickers and a letter from the Tennessee State Parks Trails Administrator. Tennessee State Parks hopes to reach 5,000 Trail Pack donations by Memorial Day. This would provide over $100,000 of dedicated trail funds. There are no limits on supporter bundle purchases.

You can learn more about the Trail Pack and donate online by clicking here. •

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