Uncle Nearest 1820 sells out in 20 minutes online

Uncle Nearest 1820 sells out in 20 minutes online

If you haven’t tried Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey’s 1820 single barrel release … well you are missing out. Less than one percent of Uncle Nearest barrels ever make the cut. Those barrels must be aged a minimum of 11 years with a cask strength above 108. And each is hand-selected by Nearest Green Distillery’s founders and approved by a panel of tasters.

Though you can buy it any time at the distillery’s visitor center located at 3125 US 231 North in Shelbyville, the latest iteration wasn’t available online.

On Tuesday, Uncle Nearest opening it up for a one-day-only online sale and it basically broke the Internet. The sell, which started around 8 p.m., overloaded their online retailer’s website. Regardless, the offering sold out in 20 minutes … more like five minutes if you’re counting the number of times the site crashed.

Many were left frustrated by their failure to snag a bottle but true to form, the distillery will be offering a make good. They’ll release another online offer next week. If you’d like to receive an email to be notified, click here. •

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