Letter to the Editor: Thanks for supporting this year Frontier Queen candidates

I want to thank everyone who supported the 2021 Frontier Queen candidates.  The community did a great job of supporting these young ladies in their efforts to raise money for their classes. Together they raised over $8,000.

 I want to express to those parents and classmates that will be involved with their children next year that 100 percent of these funds goes to your child’s class.  Class sponsors determine how the money is split based on the number of kids who work, the hours worked, and the money that the class already has in their account prior to this event.  I encourage you to participate and be a part of this because it’s for your child too.

Congratulations to Macie Cashion, Abby Neal, Mackenzie Perkins, and Kendall Dangerfield for all the hard work they did in raising money for their class. Their hard work paid off.  This year’s winner, Abby Neal from the Class of 2024, raised $3,306.  Job well done girls and I know your parents, classmates and sponsors are as proud of you as I am.

Candy Richard, Coordinator for Frontier Queen

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