5 Cool New Things to See at Nearest Green Distillery

The What Lifts You Angel Wings mural by famed Nashville muralist Kelsey Montague is just one of the great selfie spots at the newly re-opened Nearest Green Distillery. (Photo Provided)

WHISKEY INDUSTRY NEWS | Shelbyville — A regional distillery with deep Lynchburg roots recently re-opened in Bedford County. After a year of closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nearest Green Distillery re-opening Juneteenth weekend to huge crowds.

Nearest Green was the Black slave who taught Jasper Newton Daniel – later to be known around the globe as Jack Daniel – the Lincoln County Process that is the signature of all Tennessee Whiskey today. Jack Daniel’s Distillery now recognizes Nearest Green as its first Master Distiller and Green is now known to be the first African American mater distiller on record.

“At Uncle Nearest, everything we do has significance beyond the product we sell – it’s why our main hashtag on social media is #MoreThanWhiskey,” said Fawn Weaver, CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. “We could not be more honored to have the opportunity to share the history of Tennessee, and to couple that with honoring the history of one of the greatest figures in the spirits industry, Nearest Green. It’s a distillery experience unlike any other, and nothing can prepare guests for what they will see when they come to visit.”

Phase two of the 270-acres, $50 million build out includes several cool new features that you don’t want to miss at your next visit:

1| Barrel House BBQ & Brew — That’s right two great distilleries and one fantastic barbecue joint. Chuck Baker’s expanded his original Lynchburg concept to the Nearest Green Distillery. As seen on BBQ Pitmasters, Baker and his crew will soon be serving all your favorites including their now famous Grilled Cheese on Crack.

2| The Made in Tennessee Concession Stand — Did you know that some of your favorite foods all have ties to Tennessee. Goo Goo Clusters were created by the Standard Candy Company in Nashville. Moon Pies got their beginnings in a Chattanooga bakery. Brothers Barney and Ally Hartman developed Mountain Dew and Pepsi trademarked the name in 1964. The moniker is a wink and nod to Tennessee moonshine. The distillery now features an old fashioned concession stand that offers all of these.

3 | The World’s First Non-Alcoholic Speakeasy — Nestled behind the concession stand is a secret door that leads to Philo and Frank’s. Named after founder Fawn Weaver’s parents, the world’s first non-alcoholic speakeasy is a space that celebrates an important part of Tennessee’s history, the Temperance Movement. It’s an apropos feature at a distillery run entirely by women.

4 |The What Lifts You Angel Wings — As social creatures, we’re always scanning our surrounding looking for that perfect photo op and the What Lifts You Angel Wings mural by famed Nashville muralist Kelsey Montague at Nearest Green Distillery are the perfect selfie spot. Her #whatliftsyou murals can be found in Australia, South Africa, multiple U.S. states and Tennessee towns like Nashville, Chattanooga, and now Shelbyville. To learn more about her murals, click here.

5 | The New Welcome Center — Serving as one part distillery gift shop and one part history museum the new and improved Welcome Center features not only every Nearest Green Distillery merchandise option you can think of from t-shirts to barware but it also explores the rich history of Tennessee whiskey, Tennessee Walking Horses and Tennessee music as well as honoring members of the Green family.

The Nearest Green Distillery now offers self-paced and guided tours on both Saturdays and Sundays. To learn more or to book a tour, visit their website. •

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