Lynchburg in the News: Garden & Gun interviews Victoria Eady Butler

Lynchburg in the News: Garden & Gun interviews Victoria Eady Butler
Nearest Green Distillery recently named a Green descendant, Victoria Eady Butler, as Master Blender. She was interviewed by Garden & Gun Magazine this month. {Photo Courtesy of Nearest Green Distillery}

It’s been a “secret” in plain sight for decades in Lynchburg, but the story of Nearest Green seems to have captured the imagination of the world. In it’s November issue, Garden & Gun Magazine interviewed Lynchburg’s own Victoria Butler Eady to talk about her new career as the Master Blender for Nearest Green Distillery.

Butler is the great-great-granddaughter of Nathan “Nearest” Green, the man known around these parts for perfecting the Lincoln County Process and teaching one Jasper Newton Daniel to make whiskey. As of this month, she’s now the first-know African-American woman to serve as master blender in the modern spirits industry.

The article explores Eady’s initial meeting with Nearest Green Distillery founder Fawn Weaver and their journey together from complete strangers to whiskey-making mavericks. It also discusses how she discovered her innate ability to make whiskey. You can read the entire article by clicking here. •

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