Motlow adds nursing instructor and 10 more nursing slots to LPN to RN Program

LOCAL EDUCATION NEWS — Motlow State Community College and the National Healthcare Corporation (NHC) have established a collaborative agreement that will add an additional nursing instructor and approximately 10 more nursing student slots for the Motlow LPN to RN program.

“There is a national shortage of qualified nurses. This affects all healthcare settings, including NHC,’ said Melodie McCarver, recruiting director for NHC.

Dr. Amy Holder, dean of Nursing and Allied Health for Motlow, added, “The agreement helps provide additional opportunities for LPNs to bridge to an RN.”

With the increased demand for registered nurses, Motlow and NHC determined a need to provide a pathway for educating LPNs to become RNs within three to five years.

NHC is funding the additional teaching position; therefore, the ten extra student slots will first go to current NHC LPNs. If there are unused slots, they will be open to non-NHC LPNs interested in the RN pathway.

“Through the Tennessee Foundation for Geriatric Education, NHC can assist with that funding,” explained McCarver. “It allows us to be part of the solution to the existing nursing shortage. In addition, adding an instructor will allow Motlow to increase the number of students admitted to the program and therefore, increase the number of nurses in the workforce available for hire by NHC and other health care providers.”

“It allows us to train more RNs to fill open nursing positions,” explained Holder.

NHC has 75 senior living facilities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. As a result, nurses working in the senior setting are allowed to practice and hone skills in various areas.

“Our patient mix contains multiple diagnoses and offers occasions for specialization in several patient care areas,” said McCarver. “We also provide outpatient rehab services and home care services as well.”

The Nursing program offers a three-semester transition program for LPNs seeking to become Registered Nurses. Clinical activities are provided in campus classrooms, area hospitals, extended care facilities, and other health and community agencies. The majority of the clinical experiences are located within the College’s 11-county service area that includes Moore County.

Motlow’s nursing employment rate is 98 percent. In addition, the College offers a variety of scholarships for nursing students. These can be applied for within a single scholarship application system that allows students to apply for all nursing scholarships at one time. For more information, check out the nursing program on Motlow’s website.

Prospective college students and undecided college majors are encouraged to explore professional careers that are in high demand. Geriatric nursing is a high-demand field. Motlow advisors can help prospective students develop a college plan for entering this or any other high-demand field.

Motlow State fall classes begin August 23. Apply today to For more information regarding reduced costs for students, email [email protected] or call 800-654-4877. •

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