Promise Manor announces new children’s book series

The folks at Promise Manor announced the first book in their new children’s book series called the Allen Farm Adventures today. Venue owner Kayla White and her mother, Tracy Allen created the book and it was illustrated by Lynchburg’s Hillary Huffer. (Art Provided)

LOCAL NEWS — Promise Manor owner, Kayla White, and her mother, Tracy Allen, announced the launch of a new children’s book series today called Allen Farm Adventures. Illustrated by Lynchburg’s own Hillary Huffer, the book follows the adventures farm animals and a local beekeeper you might recognize as they explore a farm nestled in the hills of Lynchburg. As the characters roam from the barn, the creek, the wildflower fields, and honey bee hives, the group finds a mysterious egg and learns valuable lessons as they try to find out what’s inside. The first book in the series will center on “praying for wisdom,” White says.

Promise Manor opened an events venue in the historic Green-Evans-Hudgens house located on Motlow Barn’s Road in 2018. Since then, they’ve expanded from a wedding and special events venue to purpose-driven endeavors like their Soul Series events and Rooted Collection lifestyles brand. The Allen Farm Adventures series is part of the Rooted Collection, which focuses on the importance of small, family farms.

White and Huffer announced the new book series on a Facebook live event on Friday. Huffer created the illustrations for the book in watercolor based on the ideas and concepts of both Allen and White.

White says the book is designed to be both educational and whimsical, while also delivering a powerful message about faith, family, and farm life and started with her mom, Tracy, over five years ago. One of the main characters, the Red Bird, represents Kayla’s grandmother, Helen Allen, the original owner of the Allen family farm. Helen also owned Lynchburg’s Helen’s Feed & Seed and worked as the first female Co-op manager.

“It can be used to teach children biblical principles through the adventures of these sweet farm animals and the wisdom sprinkled through each page,” White says. “It’s based on some of the key principals my mother taught my sister and I when we were young growing up on the farm.”

Huffer the owner of The Doodle Mark, says the book idea and creation process have been an answered prayer.

“At the start of 2021, I began praying for God to lead my artistic endeavors to something meaningful. While I didn’t know what that would be, I continued to pray for direction,” Huffer says. “A few months ago, Kayla approached me about a dream God had placed on her and Tracy’s hearts-a faith-based children’s book.”

Sarah and Jacob Haywood with Reason for Hope Press in Tullahoma published the book.

“Everybody involved in this is local,” says White. “We didn’t go outside our community. We wanted to use the talents that were right here.”

If you’d like to pre order your copy of the 28 page, hardback book, it’s currently available exclusively through the Promise Manor website. The books can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. or picked up onsite at Promise Manor.

White says there will be a book signing at Promise Manor on August 14, which would have been her grandmother’s birthday. Watch their Facebook page for those details. White also says she is also open to selling the books to any local retailers who would like to offer it once its available. You can reach out to her at [email protected].•

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