Motlow State announces new Cyber Defense course

Motlow Cyber Defense Instructor Walter McCord works with Miranda David, center, and Nalley Kalamaco. In the background is student Ryan Rathmann. (Photo Provided)

LOCAL EDUCATION NEWS — You need look no further than recent headlines to know that cyber defense is a big deal for governments, corporations, public utilities, and even consumers. On Thursday, Motlow College announced the recent approval of a new Penetration Testing and Network Defense Course for students that is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022. The course focuses on essential skills for penetration testers and other network security professionals, such as how hackers attack computers and networks, and how to protect Windows and Linux systems.

“Cyber-attacks happen daily,” explained Walter McCord, Cyber Defense Instructor at Motlow. “All customer data is important and should be protected. If a company is broken into and information like a credit card number and the CVV on the back is obtained, that can be sold to be used to create fake accounts.”

“In this course, students learn how to penetrate test the defenses around an organization to see if they prevent hackers from breaking in,” McCord added.

Cyber defense is one of the biggest roles in the industry. High-paying cyber security positions in diverse public and private organizations are on the rise.

“To learn how to defend against a hacker by finding out the holes in your companies defenses is invaluable,” said McCord. “This course is a building block that makes the Cyber Defense program that much stronger.”

Student in Motlow’s program will learn to identify security risks and assess potential threats through hands-on experience and training using the latest security tools and techniques. This program provides the comprehensive knowledge and training needed to protect digital resources from unauthorized access or attack and prepares students for the world’s most high-demand careers. Students will complete the course with the skills necessary to take the CompTIA PenTest+ and CySA+ certifications. Students could also use this course to take the Certified Ethical Hacker certification.

The skills students learn from this class will lead them to employment that protects people and organizations against viruses and data theft. The new course is especially for students who are interested in adding pen testing to what they know how to do. It is helpful if a student already has the Network Security certification and would like to take a course more specialized; however, it is not a requirement to take the course.

At Motlow, this course will be offered as part of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology with a Cyber Defense concentration. This is a two-year, non-transfer degree program that prepares students to immediately enter the workforce. Cyber defense is a high-demand, high-pay career opportunity. Professionals are needed in all industries.

“The two-year degree can easily roll into most four-year programs,” said McCord.

Promise and Reconnect scholarships cover tuition costs for this program. Motlow’s low tuition plus financial aid opportunities help make this high-quality program very affordable. Interested students can personally meet with a Motlow financial aid advisor and discover the financial resources available to them.

Motlow provides students access to a variety of support services to help complete their programs. Services include tutoring, faculty advising, completion coach support, and counseling – all designed to help students successfully navigate their individual college experience. Visit to learn more about the Cyber Defense educational opportunities at Motlow State Community College. Apply to Motlow today at or call 931-393-1520. •

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