No standardized test scores required at Motlow State

Motlow State's Educational Support Services Director Dr. Desiree Vannatta
MCHS graduate Dr. Desiree Vannatta serves as the Educational Support Services Director at Motlow State. (Photo Provided)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — While standardized tests (ACT/SAT) are typically required for admission to college, Motlow State students are not required to take standardized tests for college admission.

For determination of placement into college-level English and Math courses, Motlow offers the option of taking the ACCUPLACER test year-round and in-person at no charge. This assessment is a way to ensure Motlow places students into the classes that meet their academic needs. If students have existing ACT/SAT scores, they may use those scores for placement or they may take the ACCUPLACER and use the highest score for placement. Students may also opt to take the ACCUPLACER online for a $25 fee. The assessment ranges from 30-50 questions and usually takes only 45 minutes to one hour to complete. 

Scores from ACCUPLACER assessments taken at any Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) college are applicable for submitting to all state two-year colleges. Students should have applied to Motlow but do not have to wait for their acceptance letter to take the ACCUPLACER assessment. Potential dual enrollment students also have the option of taking the ACCUPLACER, depending on what their high school’s policy is. To learn more about dual enrollment guidelines, students should contact their high school dual enrollment representative or Motlow’s dual enrollment coordinators. You can learn more about dual enrollment by clicking here.

According to Educational Support Services Director Dr. Desiree Vannatta, Motlow is an open-enrollment college.

“We use test scores for placement into appropriate classes to meet students’ needs. Motlow does not use test scores for enrollment. Your scores on the ACCUPLACER are not in lieu of the ACT but rather a placement test to help students be placed in courses in which their ACT testing was not successful as desired or needed,” she states.

While Motlow also accepts ACT and SAT scores and offers the ACT on-ground for the convenience of prospective students, the ACCUPLACER customizes questions for each individual to accurately assess a learner’s current skillset. The ACCUPLACER is administered online and is scored immediately so that Motlow’s Academic Advisors are able to quickly advise new learners.

“In approximately an hour, students can find the courses that they are eligible to take as opposed to courses that may be selected for them in which students may find themselves more advanced,” Dr. Vannatta adds.

There are free practice tools available for the ACCUPLACER at the student portal. Taking a practice assessment can help students understand what to expect and reduce assessment anxiety. Dr. Vannatta tells those considering the assessment, “Do not look at it as a measurement of whether you can go to college. The ACCUPLACER is a tool to help you choose the right courses so you can succeed in college.” 

To make an appointment, students must sign up through the Testing Center. •

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