Oak Barrel Half Marathon registration opens on Sunday

A group of runners takes on Whiskey Hill during the 2023 Oak Barrel Half Marathon. The popular race feature boasts its own Facebook page. (Photo Courtesy of the Oak Barrel Half Marathon)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Wanna run in the 2024 Oak Barrel Half Marathon? Then may we recommend you set your alarm for Sunday, October 29. Registration opens that day promptly at 6 a.m. The official date for 2024 is Saturday, April 6.

The popular annual event brings hundreds of runners to Lynchburg each year. One of the highlights is Whiskey Hill – a long, winding hill around the 3.5 miles mark. Organizers describe it this way on their website:

“Whiskey Hill is our path up to the top of a ridge line that the course follows for several miles. The hill is about 1 mile long and starts out fairly gradual. About half way up Whiskey Hill it begins to get a little steeper but still pretty manageable. At this point you begin to see the top of the ridge that you are running towards. Once you get within striking distance of the top and to the last switchback on the hill the incline kicks up pretty dramatically. It’s as if Whiskey Hill has taken on its own personality and is laughing and providing that last little challenge.”

Interesting enough, the race feature enjoys it’s own Facebook page.

100 Charity spots will open after regular registration

Early registration emails went out to runners who have registered for at least three of the last five Oak Barrel Half Marathons earlier this month. The date of that email should be around October 21, according to organizers. If you believe you should have received one, check your spam filter. If it’s not there, email event organizers at [email protected].

If you are a first time runner, you can check out the 2023 Race Guide by clicking here. It covers everything from the schedule to parking and a course sheet. An updated Race Guide will posted closer to next years event.

Once slots are filled through the regular registration process, the event will open up 100 charity spots. All funds from those entries go directly to their chosen non-profits.

The Mach Tenn Running Club hosts the event annually in Lynchburg. The majority of the funds raised go back into the race but any remaining funds are donated to Lynchburg charities like Moore Cares, Moore County Volunteer Fire Department, Friends of Animals, and other regional non-profits. To register, visit the Oak Barrel Half website by clicking here. For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page by clicking here. •

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