Raiders win district opener against Eagleville 45-20

Senior Logan Hegwood catches the edge and outruns two Eagle defenders for the end zone on Friday. He led with three touchdowns. (PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Reed)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — What seemed like it could be a defensive heavyweight match turned out to be a Raider offensive onslaught on Friday in Lynchburg as Moore County won their district opener against the Eagleville Eagles 45-20. The gritty Raider defense kept the Eagles out of the end zone in the second half.

Offensive shoot out in the first quarter

It took the Raiders just 45 seconds to earn a early 6-0 lead. Keller Morey returned the kick off to the 36 yard line, then on the first play from scrimmage, QB Dawson White ran it up the gut and down the left side all the way to the 10 yard line. Logan Hegwood found the end zone on the very next play. The PAT was no good. With 11:15 to play in the first, Moore County led Eagleville 6-0.

The Eagles answered immediately scoring on their first play from scrimmage when QB Brody McLemore handed off to Crews Giles and he ran it for a 70 yard TD. The Eagle PAT gave them a one-point lead.

The Eagles held that lead for all of 40 seconds.

On the next Raider series, the refs called a Raider for a block in the back — nullifying Morey’s return. White then called his own number on the next play and ran all the way to the 45. It took three Eagles to tackle him and one of them ripped off his helmet— forcing him to come out on the next play.

Isaac Petty came to replace him. He handed off to Hegwood who gained three yards, then Petty — now in a receiver — caught a pass from White for the 30 yard touchdown. Jax Ross’s PAT made it 13-7 with 9:10 to play in the first.

The Raider defense made itself known on the next series. After a false start call that walked the Eagles back to the 19, QB McLemore handed off to Caden Pippenger. He was tackled almost immediately by Peyton Martin. On the next play, the Eagles were met by a Raider wall by the names of Eli Brown and Coleman Phillips making it third and 15. Brown tackled Noah Lily on the next play to force the punt.

The Raiders took advantage piecing together a seven-play drive that resulted in a White to Copeland touchdown. That score was set up by a fake punt run by White for nine yards and a first down run from Hegwood. Coaches decided to go for two points. White found Morey in the end zone but refs called Moore County for holding on the play. The second attempt failed to make it 19-7 with 3:52 to play in the first.

The Eagle’s McLemore called his own number to get a first down near midfield on the next two plays but lights out defense by Landon Smith, Brown, and Hegwood shut it down. The Eagles punted with 1:20 to play in the first.

The quarter ended with Moore County driving near the 30 and leading 19-7.

Eli Brown makes a TD saving tackle in the third quarter. The Moore County defense shut out their opponent in the second half for the second week in a row. (PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Reed)

Eagles pull within six in second quarter

In a gutsy play call, Moore County went for it on fourth and two inside their own 30 yard line to start the second quarter. Hegwood blocked as White ran up the left side to earn a fresh set of downs.

Runs by White and Brantley Hill then set up an air raid touchdown pass to Copeland at the 9:26 mark. Ross’s PAT gave Moore County a 26-7 lead.

On their next series, the Eagle QB McLemore fought for first down yardage then found Eli Lily on a hitch route. He broke two Raider tackles to find the end zone. The Eagle PAT narrowed the Moore County lead to 12 points.

Moore County couldn’t get anything going on their next drive.

The Eagles scored on their last drive thanks in no small part to two silly penalties that set up McLemore to throw a fade pass to the left side for six points. Hegwood blocked the PAT. The first half ended with Moore County leading by six, 26-20

Alex Copeland led in the first half with two scores. Logan Hegwood and Isaac Petty added a touchdown each. Jax Ross was two of two on point after attempts.

Chippy second half

The chippiness that started in the first half between the two teams continued in the second. The Eagles got the ball first and went three and out. On the third down play, an Eagles player got in the face of Raider Aydan Blair with predictable results. Regardless, the Eagles punted.

Moore County got a successful drive going on their next series behind the legs of Hegwood. On a first down play, White attempted to get rid of the ball as he was tackled but his shuffle pass went right into arms of an Eagle defender giving them the ball back with 8:47 to play in the second quarter.

The Eagles couldn’t convert. In fact, they wouldn’t make it back into the end zone in the second half as the Moore County defense shutout a team for the second straight week.

QB White scored at the 4:43 mark in the third on a keeper play up the middle on fourth and one. Three Hegwood first downs set up the score. The two point conversion failed to make it 32-20.

The Eagles went three and out on their next drive thanks to stops by Petty and Brown. On the punt, multiple Raiders and Eagles got tied up in post play shenanigans. Moore County caught the unsportsmanlike penalty.

The Eagles managed a play for a loss on the next Raider drive forcing them into four and 11. QB White dropped back, then the Eagles flushed him out of the pocket. While being chased by four defenders, the elusive White broke tackles and got free for a long run to the 15. Hegwood finished it with a quick touchdown. The PAT failed and Moore County continued to lead 38-20.

Eagles QB Will Becker came in on the next drive to try and give Eagleville a spark. It didn’t work. The Eagles went three and out.

The third quarter ended with the Raiders leading the Eagles 38-20.

Moore County put the final Columbia blue nail in the coffin at the 8:10 when Coleman Phillips made a key block that allowed Hegwood to run right up the middle for six. Ross’s PAT gave made it 45-20, which would be the final score.

Hegwood led with three touchdowns

Running back Logan Hegwood led against Eagleville with three touchdowns. On defense, he also blocked a field goal. Alex Copeland scored two receiving TDs. QB Dawson White and Isaac Petty added a TD each. Kicker Jax Ross was three of five on point after attempts.

White and Hegwood both put up triple digit numbers. White managed 179 rushing yards and another 177 through the air. Hegwood rushed for 178 yards.

Copeland led the receiving corps with 57 yards.

On defense, Eli Brown played another outstanding game — leading all tacklers with nine. Landon Smith followed with seven and the always gritty Peyton Martin added five more.

Moore County will travel to Waynesboro on Friday to play a District game against Wayne County. The Wildcats currently sit at 1-2. If you can’t travel with Raider Nation, the Moore County Sports Network will broadcast the game on the NFHS Network. The Times will also post live score updates on our Facebook page. •

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