Metro School Board fails to act on coach-suggested school colors policy change

Metro School Board fails to act on coach-suggested school colors policy change

LOCAL NEWS — The Metro School Board chose not to act on a MCHS administration sponsored school colors policy change on Monday night during a regular session meeting at the MCHS Theatre. Fourth District school board member Nathan Buchanan made the motion to adopt the policy change as written by members of the MCHS administration.

During open discussion, third district school board member Jammie Cashion stated that she’d researched wrestling attire and determined that uniforms that meet the current policy and the “need for modesty” are available. After discussion, the motion failed to get a second and did not move forward.

MCHS administration and coaches propose changes

During their April meeting, the Metro School Board reviewed School Board Policy 6.7, which addresses school colors. The board last reviewed the policy in 2016. Director of Schools Chad Moorehead brought the policy before the board at the request of MCHS Athletic Director Josh Deal. Deal stated that his proposed policy changes were based on coach’s and student athlete feedback — specifically that of the new MCHS Wrestling team.

The current policy states: The official colors of Moore County High School (grades 7-12) athletic teams and band are Columbia blue and white with accents colors of navy or gray. Accent colors may be used for trim, numbers, or pants color but not as the primary jersey color.

Student wrestlers, both boys and girls, wear what is called a singlet — a one-piece, tight-fitting uniform made of spandex or nylon. It’s designed to prevent the opposing wrestler from accidentally grasping it during a match. And let’s just say they need to be a dark colors.

“Wrestling uniforms and light colors are not the best,” Athletic Director Deal stated.

In order to solve the issue, the MCHS administration with the coaches’ buy-in proposed that official policy state that: accent colors may be used for the dominant uniform color, but all uniforms must contain Columbia blue and white.

Now that the proposed change failed to move forward, MCHS officials told The Times that they hoped the wrestling team could find two-toned uniforms that met the current policy. •

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