State issues water warnings for parts of Little Duck and Woods Reservoir

State issues water warnings for parts of Little Duck and Woods Reservoir

REGIONAL NEWS — The state released their annual report on Posted Streams, Rivers, and Reservoirs in Tennessee on Monday, and several southern, middle Tennessee water bodies appear on it. In addition to the Normandy Reservoir mercury warning that we reported on yesterday (click here for that link) parts of the Little Duck River in Coffee County and Woods Reservoir in Franklin County appear on the annual water contamination list. No water body in Moore County is listed.

Collection issue causing bacteriological contamination on Little Duck

Parts of the Little Duck River that runs through Old Stone Fort State Park are listed for bacteriological contamination caused by “Manchester collection system issues,” according to the port. This means the state found “pathogens, disease-causing organisms, affects the public’s ability to safely swim, wade, and fish in streams and reservoirs.”

Septic tanks, collection system failure, failing animal waste system and urban runoff can all serve as a pathogen source. According to the report, about 122 river miles are posted due to bacterial contamination.

Don’t eat catfish from Woods Reservoir

Also according to the report, the public should avoid eating catfish caught from Woods Reservoir in Franklin County due to PCB contamination. These organic pesticides tend to accumulate in the fat tissue of fish. According to the report, approximately 193,000 reservoir acres and 520 river miles are currently posted due to contaminated fish. The contaminants most frequently found at dangerous levels in fish tissue are PCBs, mercury, chlordane, and other organics.

Regardless of the type of water issue, state officials will post signs warning the general public at all affected state water bodies. For a link to the complete report, click here. •

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