MUD asking for your help with community survey

MUD officials ask that citizens fill out this simple 13 question survey to help them apply for a Community Development Block Grant, which is formula-based on average household income. (Photo Provided)

LOCAL NEWS — During the month of January, Metro Utilities Department (MUD) customers will find a little something extra stuffed inside their monthly bill, a survey.

It’s part of the 2021 Community Development Block Grant process that MUD is currently going through in order to secure federal funding for a grant to make water upgrades in Moore County. These upgrades will address water pressure issues throughout the system as well as replacing leaking water lines, according to MUD officials.

The Community Development Block Grants Program or CDBG program issues annual grants to states, cities, and counties bases on a formula that considers the annual household incomes of the communities who apply. They are part of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.

In order to qualify for the grant, MUD must successfully survey a percentage of its Moore County water customers. The survey includes 13 simple questions like name, address, details of the household make up, and total annual income as well as a signature and contact phone number. All information collected will remain confidential and will only be used for the grant application process. MUD customers may return the survey with their January payment or drop it off separately at the MUD offices drop box or Metro Mayor Bonnie Lewis’s office located inside the Moore County Courthouse.

Thanks in part to the number of high paying jobs in Moore County provided by the distillery and others, tiny Moore County ranks seventh among Tennessee’s 95 counties in per capita income. This often disqualifies us from needs-based grants, which results in higher water and sewer prices than surrounding counties. This survey will help the utility department hopefully provide the CDBG program with the information it needs to qualify Moore County, MUD officials said. CDBG officials can not simply pull this information from the latest Census data for Moore County. MUD must provide it independently.

For more information, contact the MUD offices at 931-759-4297 or the Metro Mayor’s office at 931-759-7076. •

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