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TVA releasing water ahead of weekend rain

Water from Tims Ford Lake spills into the Elk River early Wednesday morning. TVA plans to release water until further notice. {Lynchburg Times Photo}

LOCAL NEWS — According to the rain gauges at Tims Ford Reservoir, December was a wet one in Moore County. Over six inches of rain poured into area creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes. Since January 1, another 2.78 inches has fallen and according the National Weather Service, a strong storm system will impact the Tennessee Valley and southern, middle Tennessee this weekend with locally heavy rain.

Tims Ford Lake levels are high and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plans to release water at the dam until further notice. This means boaters and sports fisherman, especially those who frequent the Elk River, should be cautious. Large amounts of water can discharge without notice.

Tims Ford wasn’t the only spillway to start releasing water. According to the TVA, they opened the majority of their 49 dams this week in order to draw down upstream reservoirs ahead of this weekends expected rain storm, which could dump another three to five inches of rain.

For more information on TVA lake levels, visit their website or download the TVA Lake Info App on both iPhone and Android. •

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