Distillery and Coca-Cola introduce Jack & Coke in a can

On Monday, the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg and Atlanta’s Coca-Cola announced a partnership between the two iconic brands to release a Jack & Coke ready-to-drink cocktail in a can. (Image Provided)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — For decades Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister pledged his allegiance to a single cocktail — two ounces of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and four ounces of Coca Cola. In fact, a Jack & Coke and Lemmy were so synonymous that following his death, over 40,000 of his fans signed a petition to have the name of the popular cocktail officially changed to The Lemmy.

And he’s not the only fan. A Jack & Coke is the go-to cocktail for hundreds of thousands around the globe and today, the two iconic brands, Lynchburg’s Jack Daniel’s Distillery and Atlanta’s Coca-Cola, announced the debut of a new co-branded, ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktail, Jack Daniel’s & Coca Cola RTD.

According to a press release, Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola RTD, inspired by the classic bar cocktail, will be made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola. The beverage will be available in markets around the world, with initial launch planned for Mexico in late 2022.

“This relationship brings together two classic American icons to deliver consumers a taste experience they love in a way that is consistent, convenient, and portable,” said Lawson Whiting, CEO and President of Brown-Forman Corporation, the largest American-owned spirit and wine company. “Brown-Forman has been a leader in the ready-to-drink category since we launched our first Jack Daniel’s RTD more than 30 years ago. Coca-Cola perfectly complements Jack Daniel’s and our existing RTD offerings, enabling us to accelerate expansion and continue to grow our business around the world.”

The can and packaging, which will feature two of the world’s most recognizable and valuable trademarks in Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s, will include clear responsibility symbols stating that it is to be enjoyed only by consumers of legal drinking age. Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola RTDs will adhere to responsible marketing practices held by Brown-Forman and The Coca-Cola Company.

“We keep consumers at the center of everything we do as we continue to develop our portfolio as a total beverage company, and that includes new products with our iconic Coca-Cola brand,” said James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. “We are excited about our new relationship with Brown-Forman and look forward to the introduction of Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola.“

The global benchmark for alcohol beverage volume (ABV) is 5 percent but will vary depending on the market. A zero sugar version of the beverage will also be available, according to the press release. •

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